Decorating Ideas For A Boy’S Harley Davidson Bedroom

Harley-Davidson’s colors are distinctive.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles went into production in 1903 in a small wooden shed. More than a century later, it is one of the most recognizable names in the motorcycle world. An extensive line of merchandise, ranging from wallets to belt buckles and leathers, advertises the Harley name, but you needn’t spring for the real goods to decorate a boy’s bedroom. Does this Spark an idea?


Harley-Davidson’s logo is black, white and orange, so plan to integrate these colors wherever it makes sense. If you’re concerned your boy will outgrow his love of Harleys, paint the walls white, use black furniture and create highlights with orange curtains or a bedspread. Add a border around the top of the walls with Harley-themed wallpaper borders, or a representation of the flames that signify speed. If the room has a chair rail, paint the wall under it black, the wall over it white and the rail itself orange.


Paint, wallpaper and home decor stores sell Harley-Davidson murals that feature a bike or the logo. Hang a mural and paint the lower part of the other walls to represent a racetrack or the open road. Frame a pair of riding gloves in a shadow box, and hit the thrift stores in search of a used leather jacket that you can frame or hang casually on a wall hook. If the boy has a collection of Harley miniatures or other memorabilia, build cubbyholes or floating shelves for display. Hang photos of motorcycles cut from magazines with white mats in black frames.

Special Touches

Create a mobile from toy motorcycles by hanging them on different lengths of fishing line and attaching the line to a crochet hoop. Look for a bedside lamp made from a motorcycle helmet. Paint the Harley logo on the outside of the boy’s bedroom door so there’s no mistake which room is his. Buy a simple black-and-white wall clock, take off the front and paint the hands Harley orange. Replace the top of a stool with a motorcycle saddle and position it as a desk chair.


Install dark wood flooring and paint a racing stripe down the center of the floor, or lay carpet with a black-and-white pattern. Use orange, white and black scatter or area rugs. Create a garage look with interlocking garage floor tiles in Harley colors, or use a garage floor mat as a bedside rug. Continue the garage look by using a motorcycle floor jack as the base for a beside table, and hang a section of pegboard for tools.