Decorative Seat Covers & Dashboard Covers

Using seat covers and dashboard covers in a vehicle can help protect these parts from wear, damage and stains.

Purpose of Seat Covers

In addition to protecting seats, seat covers also hide the imperfections and accidental spills, rips and faded spots that have already occurred.


Car seat covers come in multiple fabrics such as cloth, cotton, leatherette, neoprene and sheepskin. Seat covers can be decorated with a variety of prints and patterns like camo, animal prints and racing stripes. In addition, cartoon characters and sports team logos are available.

Purpose of Dashboard Covers

Dashboard covers are used to protect the dashboard from damage like cracking, peeling or fading, which can be caused by the sun.


Dashboard covers are made from molded carpet, poly carpet, velour and leather. Many covers are solid in color, but covers are available with logos of sports teams, characters or in camouflage. In addition, dashboard covers can be monogrammed with any words, initials or phrases.


Both decorative seat covers and dashboard covers are available in universal fits or can be made to custom fit a vehicle.


Seat and dashboard covers can be purchased from an auto dealership, auto parts store or from online retailers.