Dell Laptop Administrator Password Recovery

Dell laptop.

Dell laptop administrator password recovery is necessary when the administrator of the Dell laptop loses his password. Administrator passwords are set and used to keep the laptop or PC secure, but can sometimes prove disastrous. Often, a password set to protect a laptop causes more problems than it actually helps to solve. There are two types of administrator passwords on any laptop or PC: the BIOS password and the Windows password. The exact recovery method used and whether recovery will be successful will depend on which password is needed and why.


If a previously made password recovery disk is not available or if a general account with Administrator privileges is not available, Windows password recovery is impossible. Save information you currently have access to and reformat (reinstall) the operating system, or have someone help you. If entering the default password does not work for the Dell BIOS, recovery is impossible. Take the laptop to a repair technician to recover the hard drive and save any needed information. The purchase of a new laptop is necessary.

Windows Recovery

Click the question mark to the right of the password field to read the hint. Type the correct answer and the system will allow you to enter. If not, use the previously created Password Reset Disk. Restart the computer. When the “Windows Logon” screen appears, click the administrator’s user name and press “Enter” while leaving the password field blank. An error message appears showing the option to use the password hint or use the password reset disk. Click “Use your Password Reset disk to start the Password Recovery Wizard; click “Next” in the dialogue box. Insert the disk and click “Next.” Enter a new password into the “Type a New Password” box and then type it again in the box labeled “Type the password again to confirm.” Type a password hint into the box labeled, “Type a new password hint.” Click “Next” then click “Finish” and attempt to log in. If you cannot, log on to a general Windows account that has Administrator privileges, meaning even though it is not the main administrator account, it can do everything an administrator can do. In Windows XP, click “Start” then “Run.” Type, “control userpasswords2,” without the quotes into the Run dialogue box and then click “Enter.” In Windows Vista, click “Start” then in the Search box, type “control userpasswords2” without the quotes and press “Enter.” In both Vista and XP, when the “Password for Administrator” window opens, click the “Users Must enter a password to use this computer” button to enable the “Reset the Password” button. Then click the “Reset the Password” button. Select a new password. Click the red close button instead of the “OK” button so the “Users must enter a password to use this computer” button disables again. Log on to Windows with the new Administrator password.

Dell Bios Recovery

Passwords to restrict access to the BIOS, or internal program, of a laptop or PC are sometimes just an activated default password. For a Dell Inspiron, enter “admin” in the password field without the quotes. Press “Enter” while leaving the user name field blank. For a Dell Latitude, enter “1RRWTTOOI” without the quotes into the password field. Press “Enter” leaving the user name field blank. If these passwords do not work, sometimes the Dell PC CMOS default password will. Enter “Dell” without the quotes into the password field. Press “Enter” while leaving the user name blank. If any of the passwords work, while you have access to the BIOS, consider changing the settings so the BIOS no longer requires a password to enter.