Desert Hybrid Precision Engineered Products

Desert Hybrid Precision restores and modifies old cars.

Desert Hybrid Precision is a mechanical engineering company based in Tuscon, Arizona. Run by mechanical engineer David Buchhauser, the company offers hot rod and classic car restorations, custom metal shaping and welding services. Desert Hybrid Precision also produces die sets, and other plans and pieces for automotive restoration equipment.

Planishing Hammers

Planishing is the process of transforming metal by hammering it against an anvil or planishing stake. It is a necessary part of the custom vehicle restoration process. Desert Hybrid Precision sells plans to construct your own hand-held planishing hammer for less than $100 in parts. They also make kits that include all the parts for planishing hammers (in a choice of regular or “deluxe”), as well as planishing hammer die sets and other components. And if you’d rather put all your do-it-yourself energy into restoring your classic car or motorcycle, they also make medium-duty, heavy-duty and combination planishing hammers.

Pullmax Style Power Hammers

Inspired by the Pullmax universal sheet metal machine, the Pullman-style power hammer is another common piece of classic car restoration equipment. Desert Hybrid Precision makes a construction manual — complete with a set of plans — for a lightweight, portable reciprocating power hammer. Like the Desert Hybrid Precision planishing hammer, the Pullmax-style power hammer is available as a kit that includes all of the parts and plans that you need to build the machine. Additional plans and kits are available for dies and other accessories for your Pullmax-style power hammer.

Harley Chopper Accessories

Desert Hybrid Precision also makes several products for the Harley-Davidson custom chopper enthusiast or professional. Like all their plans and construction manuals, their detailed set of plans for a custom chopper rigid-frame welding jig is available on CD or in PDF format. They also sell centering cones for said frame jigs forged from C1018 alloy steel, neck jig assembly and heavy-duty Harley engine stands that can be bolted or clamped to your work desk.

Assorted Plans

Desert Hybrid Precision produces construction manuals (including complete plans) for several other machines. Their Hydraulic Tubing Bender Conversion plans include the necessary information to allow you to build a tubing bender from scratch, or modify your existing tubing bender. They also make a radius gauge, which is made from engraved steel and is useful for selecting the proper die size for any metalworking project.