Design A Memorial Tattoo

A memorial tattoo is the most intensely personal tattoo a person can get. It’s a permanent tribute to a person, pet or sometimes even an event that was very special and you want your memorial to be the best it can be. It can be quite challenging to design the perfect tattoo to forever immortalize your feelings. Read on to learn design a memorial tattoo.


1. Choose a design that is fitting to you. There are many choices to think about including the very popular portrait memorial. But, maybe you don’t want their face permanently adorning your body, but instead prefer to use something symbolic.

2. Think of symbolic images to associate with the person. Besides portraits, you can also choose a favorite flower, animal or object of the deceased or an image that reminds you of that person. This image doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you. It doesn’t really matter if the rest of the world has no idea what your tattoo represents, because the tattoo is for you and you’ll always know what it means.

3. Look at common symbols used in memorial tattoos including hearts, roses or crosses with banners. Other popular designs include angel wings with or without a halo, and angels for adults or cherubs for children.

4. Come up with unique symbols. If you don’t want something common or you would like to include something more personal along with a standard symbol, think about something that directly relates to the person being memorialized. There is bound to be certain things you instantly remember when thinking about a deceased loved one.

5. Consider a portrait for your memorial tattoo. Portraits remain the most common image used in memorial tattoos. Many times the person who gets these types of memorials want to always keep their loved one with them and they decide having their face permanently inked on their body is the best way to never forget them.

6. Include their name. Although it’s not necessary, you may choose to include the person’s or pet’s name in the memorial tattoo. Since you know what your tattoo represents, it’s up to you if a name is incorporated into the design. If a name is included, it’s not uncommon to place it in a banner or to artfully blend it into the overall design. It’s also not unusual to include the words, “In Memory Of” or “R.I.P.” within the design.

7. Have dates added. Besides names, it’s very common to include both the birth and death date of the deceased in a memorial tattoo. These may also be included in a banner or incorporated in a flattering way depending on the design you’ve ultimately chosen.

8. Don’t rush. You may know immediately after your loved one passes away that you’re going to get a memorial tattoo for them, but that doesn’t mean you have to run out and get it right away.