Determine The Rake On The Front Of A Harley Or Custom Chopper

Rake is the angle between the bike’s neckline and its front forks.

Motorcycle rake is an important determinant in your motorcycle’s suspension and handling. The larger the rake, the longer your front forks will have to be. A large rake gives you excellent stability at high speeds but makes your motorcycle less maneuverable. A shorter rake trades handling and comfort for less stability at high rates of speed.


1. Identify the center of the neck line. The neck line is the part of the motorcycle frame that the front forks connect to. Take the end of a plumb line without the weight and place the string against the center of the neckline.

2. Use a protractor to measure the angle between the vertical plumb line and the front forks.

3. Add the rake angle of the bore holes in the triple trees to your rake measurement for bikes that have triple trees attached to them. For example, if you have 5-degree triple trees and a 26-degree basic rake angle, the total rake angle would be 31 degrees.