Determine The Value Of Used Harleydavidson Parts

Don’t throw out leftover parts from that Harley-Davidson you are customizing or from that bike you wrecked. There is a good chance that another Harley-Davidson enthusiast may be looking for those parts to use on his own bike. Determining the value of your used Harley parts may take a bit of research, but pricing is an important first step in selling your items without underpricing them and losing money, or overpricing them and losing out on possible sales.


1. Determine the model, make and year of the Harley-Davidson parts you have if you did not get them from your own bike. You will need to know these things to determine the value of the parts and to sell them.

2. Take the parts or pictures of your Harley-Davidson items to a local motorcycle dealership or bike repair store, especially one with which you have a good relationship. Ask them if they would mind looking at your parts and giving you an estimate of their value.

3. Check local print and online classifieds such as Craigslist to see if Harley-Davidson parts that are similar to the ones you have are listed for sale. This could give you a general idea of the value of the parts in your area.

4. Check the classified sections on websites that specialize in motorcycles, such as Cycle Classifieds, or in Harley-Davidsons, such as Used Hog Parts, to see if parts similar to the ones you own are for sale and, if so, their relative value.

5. Attend a motorcycle rally, show, convention or bike swap meet to talk with other enthusiasts and retailers about the possible value of your parts. Bring pictures of your items and look at the Harley-Davidson items for sale to get an idea of their relative value. Some retailers not only sell used parts but also buy them, so you may even be able to sell your items at one of these events.

6. Go to online motorcycle forums such as HD Forums, where you can ask other enthusiasts if they can help you determine the value of your used Harley-Davidson parts.

7. Check eBay for completed items that are similar to your Harley-Davidson parts. Use these sold prices as a guide to determine the price of your items.