Difference Between Flowmaster 40 Series & 50 Series

Tame the sound of horsepower with a Flowmaster exhaust system.

Nothing says power and performance like a deep, throaty exhaust note loud enough to be heard before the car can be seen. Unfortunately, that loud growling sound of horsepower can dominate the inside of the car as well. While that may not be a problem on short weekend trips, it can become an annoying disturbance on extended daily commutes.

Flowmaster Company

Flowmaster is company that produces aftermarket exhaust systems and components for the automotive market. Started in 1983 making mufflers for race cars, Flowmaster has expanded its product line to include everything from performance street applications to exhaust systems for RVs and motorhomes, while continuing to offer a complete line for racing industry.

Flowmaster 40 Series

The Flowmaster 40 series mufflers are designed to deliver increased horsepower and torque for performance applications. The 40 series mufflers are constructed with a two chamber design that offers an aggressive exhaust note that can be heard from both inside and outside of the car.

Flowmaster 50 Series

The Flowmaster 50 Series mufflers are constructed with a three chamber design. This chamber configuration was designed to significantly lower the volume inside the car and to produce a moderate exhaust note outside of the car. Even though the sound of the 50 series has lowered, it still is able to deliver high performance.


The difference between the Flowmaster 40 and 50 series mufflers is mostly a matter of volume. While the 40 series has a ferocious growl that can be heard loud and clear both inside and out of the car, the 50 series offers lower sound levels all the way around. Performance wise, the two are virtually the same.