Difference Between Harley Road Glide & Street Glide

Harley-Davidson has a line of touring bikes that includes the Road Glide and Street Glide models. Road and Street Glides are differentiated from the Electra Glide touring models through their streamlined looks and slightly smaller dimensions. Street Glides and Road Glides are further distinguished by the details of their features.


First bike is an example of a bat-wing fairing

The Road Glide has a shark-nose fairing, which is narrower and longer than the Street Glide’s bat-wing fairing.

Fairing Mount

The Street Glide’s fairing, similar to the Electra Glide, is mounted to the front end. When the handlebars are turned, the fairing turns. On the Road Glide, the fairing is mounted to the frame and stays stationary when the handlebars are turned. Some riders feel that the Road Glide is easier to handle in windy conditions because of the frame mount.


The Road Glide has a dual front headlight, while the Street Glide has a traditional single headlight.


Prior to 2010, the Street Glide has a lower seat height and less ground clearance as compared to the Road Glide. This changed in 2010 when Harley-Davidson changed the name of the Road Glide to Road Glide Custom and dropped the seat height to be .3 inches lower than the Street Glide while maintaining a higher ground clearance.


The Road Glide Custom is available in three colors for 2010. The Street Glide has seven color options.


For the 2010 model year, both the Road Glide Custom and Street Glide have the same starting price of $18,999.