Difference Between Usa & International Canon Hv30 Models

The USA and international HV30 camcorders are mostly identical with some differences.

The USA and international Canon HV30 models are similar HD video camcorders with several differences. They have different names: the USA model is called the Vixia and the international model is the Legria. Other key differences include their recording media, pixel resolution and battery power.

Recording Media

The USA model Canon HV30 records on a high definition miniDV or a miniDV cassette. The international model Canon HV30 records on HDV.

Pixel Resolution

While both models have a total of 2.96 megapixels and approximately 2.07 megapixels in 16:9 (widescreen) HD and DV modes, the USA model has 2.76 megapixels in 4:3 (“full screen”) mode while the international model has only 1.55 megapixels in 4:3 mode.

Battery Power

The BP-2L13 battery pack in the USA model Canon HV30 gets a maximum of 80 minutes recording time in SP mode (HDV, DV) and 120 minutes in LP (DV only). The international model offers an alternative long life battery, the BP-2L24H that provides up to four hours of recording time using HDV and up to four hours, 50 minutes using DV.