Directv Slimline Dish Installation

DirecTV can provide quality programming and a large selection of channels. A majority of DirecTV viewers are still in awe as they provide crystal clear quality to your television set. To ensure the best amount of quality, installation of the system needs to be done accurately. Possessing proper tools and a good view of the southern sky, your DirecTV system will operate smoothly for years to come. The DirecTV system will even update itself with new software, keeping your system up to date.


Installing the DirecTV Slimline Dish

1. Assemble the dish reflector to the back assembly. There are four screws that will hold these pieces together.

2. Locate a place to mount the satellite antenna. Make sure the chosen location has a clear view of your southern sky. Some channels won’t come in if there is foliage blocking the view.

3. Mount the dish in an upright and straight manner. Using a level, check that the dish is not tilted. The dish must be level and plumb for signal clarity.

4. Using a signal meter, you will need to adjust the dish for maximum signal. Turn the dish until your meter gives you full signal on each channel. Once you have maintained max signal, tighten the dish to the mounting pole.

5. Run four cable coaxial cords through the arm of the dish and screw into the slots of the low noise blocker (LNB). The LNB can be installed on the antenna arm and requires two screws to secure it.

6. Drape the coaxial cables from the dish to the ground block assembly located at the cable feed on the side of the structure you are wiring. Be sure to loop the cable coming out of the antenna to ensure that you have room for coaxial maintenance later on.

Fasten the coaxial cable to one side of the grounding block. Using a 7/16-inch wrench, make sure the fittings are snug on the block.

7. To protect your antenna from lightning and thunderstorms, run a grounding cable from the block to the house ground. Purchase a copper grounding nut to fasten cable to grounding rod.

Attach cables running inside the home to the opposite end of the ground block. Be sure to tighten snug to increase signal clarity.

Installing DirecTV Satellite reciever.

8. Connect the cable to the television set. Run the power chord from the receiver to the wall outlet.

Place the batteries in the back of the remote and make sure your television is on the proper input channel to receive the satellite signal.

9. Follow the prompts through the menu set-up for the installation. The menu will ask for a ZIP code. Input your ZIP code and wait for your adjustment settings.

10. Use the adjustment settings to adjust your satellite dish. The settings will tell you what angle to set your mast and what degree to tilt the dish. The mast and dish are clearly marked for these adjustments.

11. Run through the menu settings until you reach the DirecTV set-up channel. You will want to call DirecTV to suggest your programming choices. They will set you up from there.