Disable Guest Accounts On A Mac

The latest release of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, also known as Leopard, includes the ability to allow visitors to log on to your computer through a generic guest account. This account does not have any administrator privileges or access to files, but it can surf the web and check email along with other basic tasks. In some cases, you may want to turn this feature off to ensure that no one else can access your computer in any way.


1. Log on to your computer with an account that has administrator access.

2. Go to System Preferences by clicking on the icon in the dock.

3. Go to the “Accounts” control panel underneath the “System” category.

4. Click the lock icon in the lower-right corner of the control panel window and enter your administrator username and password.

5. Select “Guest Account” from the list of available accounts on the left side of the window.

6. Uncheck the box next to “Allow guests to log into this computer.” Guest accounts are now disabled, meaning only people with registered accounts on your computer can log in.