Disable Mcafee Safe Boot

Disable McAfee Safe Boot

McAfee Safe Boot is the encryption and strong access control tool produced by McAfee. Safe Boot has now been incorporated into the McAfee Endpoint Encryption tool suite. It helps prevent unauthorized access to personal or sensitive information that you have on your computer. Sometimes McAfee Safe Boot can interfere with the productivity of your computer depending on the operating system and Safe Boot software you are using on the computer. A required task that may arise is having to disable Safe Boot until you can upgrade your McAfee application suite or finish ongoing work you are doing on your computer.


1. Restart your computer in Windows Safe Mode by depressing the “F8” keyboard function key during the normal rebooting process.

2. Open the command prompt on your computer by selecting the “Start” menu followed by “Run” and entering “command” in the “Open” text field.

3. Change the directory to the SafeBoot directory on your computer by entering the following command at the DOS command prompt followed by the “enter” key:

cd c:\Program Files\Safe Boot

4. Disable the McAfee Safe Boot program by removing it through entering the following command at the DOS prompt:

SbSetup.exe -uninstall

5. Restart your computer normally after disabling Safe Boot.