Disassemble A Freeagent Desktop Hd

External hard drives like the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop are handy for quickly adding storage to a computer system, as well as transferring files between systems and backing up important data. Sometimes hard drives or their enclosures malfunction or need to be cleaned, and the disassembly process can be less than obvious. You can open your FreeAgent Desktop’s case with some basic tools.


1. Locate the seam in the base. It goes all the way around, near the top of the base.

2. Insert a prying tool, such a guitar pick or an expired credit card, into the seam. Run the tool around the seam until the bottom of the base is completely separated. Set aside the bottom section of the base.

3. Remove each of three screws in the inner area in the top section of the base. There is one screw to the right, one in the middle, and one to the left.

4. Remove and set aside the top section of the base.

5. Draw out the two small screws at either end of the bottom of the main case and remove them.

6. Locate the seam around the case and insert the prying tool. Run it around the seam until you are able to separate the halves of the case.

7. Remove the two screws securing the inner hard drive assembly to the case.

8. Disconnect the LED power wire.