Disassemble A Mx8739 Laptop

Disassemble your laptop to replace parts and upgrade your machine.

Knowing take apart your Gateway MX8739 laptop is the first step to replacing failed hardware in your laptop, or upgrade existing hardware to boost your laptop’s performance. Being able to disassemble your Gateway MX8739 laptop and perform your own maintenance will prevent you from having to take your laptop to a computer repair shop, leave it for an undetermined amount of time, and then pay a big bill just to get it back.


1. Shut down your Gateway MX8739 laptop, disconnect any cables and devices, then put your laptop upside down on a flat surface with the back side closest to you.

2. Push the battery-lock latch, located just outside of the left side of the battery, to the left. Push the battery-release latch, above the middle of the battery, to the right to disengage the battery, then remove the battery.

3. Turn the laptop so the front is closest to you.

4. Remove the screw just outside of the upper-left corner of the component cover on the right half of the laptop with a Phillips screwdriver, then loosen the four screws along the bottom and the three screws in the upper-middle part of the component cover. Remove the component cover.

5. Spread the retaining clips on the edges of the memory module, located in the upper-left side of the compartment, away from the module, causing the module to tilt upward at a 30-degree angle. Remove the memory module.

6. Loosen the screw on the left side of the hard drive cover in the lower-left corner of the laptop, then remove the cover.

7. Grab the pull-tab on the left side of the hard drive bracket, then pull the bracket to the left to disconnect it from the laptop. Lift and remove the bracket.

8. Turn the laptop right-side up and position the laptop so the back is facing you. Open the monitor and push it all the way back. Locate the optical drive on the back-right edge of the laptop.

9. Insert a paper clip in the tiny hole to the right of the eject button to push the drive out a little bit, then grab and remove the optical drive.

10. Rotate the laptop 180 degrees, then remove the screw directly beneath each hinge connecting the monitor to the Gateway MX8739.

11. Insert a flathead screwdriver underneath each hinge and pry upward.

12. Rotate the notebook 180 degrees, open up the monitor, then push it back as far as you can.

13. Insert the flathead screwdriver in the space below the keyboard cover behind the right side of the last row of keys and carefully pry up and remove the keyboard cover.

14. Grab and lift the rear section of the keyboard and set it with the keys down on top of the mouse touch pad.

15. Pull the black plastic piece, located on the system board where the ribbon cable connects to the laptop, toward you with one hand, then remove the ribbon cable from the laptop with the other hand.

16. Remove the keyboard from the Gateway MX8739.