Disconnect A Gas Tank From A Harleydavidson

Disconnect a Gas Tank From a Harley-Davidson

Over time the gas tank on your Harley-Davidson may become corroded or dirty, and you must disconnect and remove it in order to install a new tank or to have the old tank professionally cleaned. A Harley-Davidson gas tank is very secure, but removing it is fairly easy. Just make sure to drain the gas and disconnect everything before you pull the tank off; you may break an intricate part of the fuel system if you don’t.


1. Pull the side release lever on your Harley-Davidson seat. Remove the seat. Take the cover off the fuse box near the battery. Start the motorcycle. Locate the fuse marked “Fuel Pump,” and pull out the fuse. This will cause the engine to stall and die. You must do all of this to remove any pressure in the fuel lines.

2. Disconnect the battery cable from the battery, using a wrench.

3. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the clamp holding the hose to the base of the gas tank. Pull the hose off the nozzle on the base of the gas tank, using a pair of pliers. Position an empty jug under the gas tank, and allow all the gas to drain out.

4. Unscrew the electric console the has four screws attaching it to the back of the gas tank under the seat. Squeeze the plastic connector tab and pull out the cords connecting to the base of the gas tank from the pump and electric console.

5. Pull out the two bolts holding the rear of the tank to the Harley-Davidson frame under the seat. Unscrew the two bolts holding the front of the tank to the bike frame behind the handlebars.

6. Carefully lift up and remove the tank.