Dispose Of Old Computers In Dallas Texas

Dallas residents can properly dispose of their computers through many available resources.

The EPA estimates that more than 2 million tons of electronics were disposed of in 2005. And of that 2 million, almost 1.8 million tons ended up in landfills. Many of the components in electronic devices, including computers, contain toxic chemicals that leach into the ground. When you are ready to upgrade to a newer computer in Dallas, Texas, find a way to dispose of your old computer through one of the many recycling and donation centers.


1. Visit the Earth911 website (see Resources).

2. Enter “computer” in the “Find recycling centers for” field.

3. Enter your address or zip code in the “Near” field.

4. Look through the search results for an appropriate location. Under the name of each location there is a list of what they accept; for example, computer donation, computer monitors and/or computer recycling.

5. Call the location and find out its computer disposal requirements. You may need to drop the computer off at the location. Some will pick up your computer for a fee depending upon your location.