Dispose Of Television Sets

Televisions sets, like computer monitors, need to be disposed of quickly as both have CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes or Picture tubes) that are harmful to the body. The presence of lead in the CRT that may come from a landfill to household water can cause immense damage to human health and our environment.


1. Keep information about your TV handy, especially the date of purchase, vendor information and model number.

2. Go online and collect information about places that accept old TV sets for recycling or take donation. Note the places in your area that are willing to take TV sets you want to dispose of.

3. Consider donating your TV to a needy organization. Various non-profit organizations are now accepting old TV sets and making them available to people who need it but cannot afford.

4. Drop off your TV at a recycling center. This works well for TV sets that can no longer be used. You may have to pay a fee of $3 or above depending on the size. Dropping off your TV at the nearest outlet is the cheapest way of disposing a defunct TV set.

5. Consider mail-in recycle option. Depending on the size and/or quantity of TV set(s) you can send in your TV CRTs by contacting the appropriate hauler in your state. You can get this information from the phonebook or online.

6. Keep an eye on lucrative buybacks and exchange schemes by television retailers at your local departmental store. You can drop off your old TV and buy a new one with a discount or an instant rebate.