Diy Car Mechanics

Basic Tool Kit

Many factors motivate do-it-yourself car mechanics. There are some initial expenses involved, but the peace of mind doing your own work provides, and the money savings that result make it worth the initial effort. A basic mechanical amplitude is helpful. Know your limits, and be willing to accept help. Acknowledge when a job is beyond your abilities.


1. Put together a basic tool kit. Buy tools for quality, not price. Often, inexpensive quality tools can be found in pawn shops and at discount on line retailers. Include wrenches and sockets of various sizes. Also include allen wrenches, quality screwdrivers, pry bars, and brass punches. Purchase a quality tool box to keep tools clean and organized. Tools can be purchased in sets or as needed. Do not borrow tools. Always purchase what you need, as you will certainly use them again.

2. Purchase a manual for your vehilce, or subscribe to an on line service such as ALLDATA, that provides repair information for your vehicle. Consult these resources before and during any project for tips and tricks that will make the project faster and smoother. Consult parts diagrams and photos that show each step. Avoid simple errors by organizing projects first.

3. Purchase quality floor jacks and jack stands. Use these to support the vehicle securely during any projects involving work under the car. Purchase stands rated for weight well above what you need to support. Consult manuals for good jack and support points, and use these for your safety. Work on level ground and in a well ventilated well lit area..

4. Purchase drain pans and funnels. These will be frequently used items. Keep funnels and drain pans clean and free of foreign debris. Have shop rags and cleaners on hand. Clean as you go to avoid losing parts and keep projects organized.

5. Specialty tools may be purchased or they may be borrowed from auto parts stores at little or no cost. Evaluate how often you will do the job you need the tool for, and then evaluate the benefits of purchasing the tool. If it is for a job you will do frequently always purchase before borrowing.