Do A Burnout On A Motorcycle

According to the movies, only tough guys and idiots show off with burnouts. In real life, more often than not, sadly this motorcycle trick attracts many of the latter. If you have the guts to attempt this trick, make sure you do it with smarts and with style.


Get to Know Your Clutch

1. Put the rear brake on, then pull in the clutch.

2. Switch into first gear and slowly let go of the clutch to find out when the clutch begins to engage.

3. Step off of the rear brake. Cruise at a low speed while pulling in the clutch until you hear the engine RPMs begin to rise. The total distance is your clutch action.

The Burnout

4. Find a safe location to perform the burnout, preferably in an area where no one, like policemen or angry neighbors, is around. Make sure that the space behind your bike is clear of people and objects.

5. Bring your motorcycle to your burnout location and mount your bike if you’re not already on it. Place both feet firmly on the ground and hold the front brake tightly.

6. Pull the clutch lever completely in and shift to second gear. This allows you to burn your tire longer and prevents you from bouncing off the rev limiter, thus avoiding possible engine damage.

7. Let out the clutch slowly until the motor is about to engage. Rev the motor into the power band, about 80 percent of the motor’s RPM capability, close to the red line.

8. Feed the clutch out aggressively but smoothly. At this point, the tire should be spinning. If it’s not, give it slightly more power or let the clutch out faster. In the midst of the billowing smoke and bellowing engine, allow yourself to sit back and feel cool.