Do An Oil Change On A Harley Davidson Sportster

Since gas prices are very high, a motorcycle is a cheaper option these days. If you want a smaller, yet still powerful, motorcycle, then a Harley Davidson Sportster is an excellent choice of bike. Maintenance can still be expensive, but there are quite a few repairs and upkeep tasks that you can do on your own. Changing the oil is one of those tasks; a bit of practice will make you a professional.


Change the Oil on a Harley Davidson Sportster

1. Find the oil plug. It is usually on the bottom of the oil pan. Put your bucket or pan under it so that oil doesn’t spill onto the floor. The owner’s manual will tell you find it if you have trouble.

2. Unscrew the oil plug. Make sure the motorcycle has cooled down before you do this, so that the oil is not hot. Now, allow your oil to drain into your pan. This should take five to 10 minutes.

3. Remove the old crush washer, which is located on the plug. Replace it with a new washer. The crush washer has to be replaced every oil change; otherwise, your motorcycle might leak oil.

4. Clean the end of the oil plug. On older engines, it is common for slivers of metal to flake off of the oil plug, so be careful while performing this step.

5. Use an oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter. When you have the filter off, check to find out if the o-ring, (the rubber ring around the oil filter that ensures a proper seal) came off with the oil filter. If it is still attached, remove it manually.

6. Take out and clean off the plastic mesh filter from the side of the engine case. When it is clean, replace it.

7. Check the drain plug, and if there is any sludge on it, wipe it off with a rag.

8. Using your hand, not a tool, screw the new oil filter into place. Using a tool for this can overtighten the oil filter and damage the o-ring.

9. Hold a funnel at an upright angle and pour two quarts of fresh oil in. Give the oil a few minutes to work through the engine.

10. Screw the plug back in, then turn on your engine and let it idle for a couple minutes. Turn off the engine, remove the oil plug, and put in the rest of the oil.