Download A Wallpaper To An Ipad

Expand your wallpaper options with images offered by various websites and apps.

If you are ready to move beyond the standard set of wallpapers that came with your iPad, you can find a wealth of alternatives. iPad draws wallpaper options for your Lock screen and Home screen from your photo albums. Expand and enrich your library of mostly private photographs with high-quality wallpaper images offered by various websites and apps, often for free.


1. Continue to build up your personal photo library with images that you can later use as wallpaper. If you use an iPad 2, then aim its front or rear camera to capture breathtaking landscapes, momentous events, or yourself in a special place or among special folks. These photographs will automatically download into your “Camera Roll.” Alternatively, email yourself select pictures taken with a different digital camera. Open the email on your iPad using “Mail” and then press and hold its embedded image. Select “Save Image” to download the image onto your iPad’s “Saved Photos.”

2. Surf the Web for a site that offers free iPad wallpapers. You can browse extensive wallpaper collections by theme on these websites. Select the “Download” link of an image that you particularly like and then press your finger over its full-screen version for a few seconds. Choose “Save Image” to download the picture onto your iPad’s “Saved Photos.”

3. Use an app to find other wallpaper options. Tap “Apps Store,” select “Categories” and then type “backgrounds” or “wallpapers” in the search bar on the upper right. Tap “Search” on your keyboard to display a wide range of wallpaper apps, many of which you can explore for free. Some apps, such as “Backgrounds HD,” offer a traditional gallery that you can browse by category. Other apps, such as “Granimator,” enable you to create your own wallpaper art using built-in drawing tools. And still other apps, such as “iWallpapersHD,” offer a hybrid approach: You can view a traditional gallery, import your own images, add effects and preview your wallpaper on a lock or home screen before saving it. Simply press the “Save” button within each app to download a wallpaper image to your iPad‘s “Saved Photos.”

4. Choose your wallpaper from among your downloaded images. Tap “Settings” on your Home screen, and then “Brightness and Wallpaper” from the left pane. The right pane will show your current wallpaper selections for your Lock and Home screens. Tap the little arrow to the right and then tap “Saved Photos” or “Camera Roll” to find your images. Tap to enlarge an image and then set it as wallpaper on your Lock screen, Home screen or both using the buttons on the upper right.