Draw Boost From The Movie Cars

Draw Boost From the Movie Cars

The movie “Cars” swept audiences up in the exciting action of car races, but with a twist. The cars in this movie where alive and the sole inhabitants of the world in which they lived. This allowed each car to have its own truly distinct personality, style and flash. One of the characters with quite a bit of style is Boost. Drawing Boost can be accomplished by breaking the character down into its basic geometric shapes. Once the actual frame of the car is drawn, you can add the cartoon characteristics to the face and mouth that make the car come to life.


1. Draw the front of the car with a large rectangle. Add a trapezoid on top of the the right side of the rectangle. This will act as the front window/eyes. The top line of the trapezoid should be smaller than the bottom. Attach a small triangle to the right side of this shape. Attach a small square shape to the right side of the rectangle.

2. Add the top spoiler with two parallel horizontal lines running across the top of the car. Add two small triangles to each side of these lines. Add a smaller spoiler directly underneath the first with a small horizontal line with a triangle attached to the right side of the line.

3. Draw Boost’s eyelid by drawing a horizontal line across the the middle of the front window. Add two circles below this line for the eyes. Add two dark circles inside the eyes for pupils. Add wheels with two circles on the right side of the car. Place the first circle at the front right. Draw the second circle a little smaller and place this shape toward the back of the car. Add two small, thin triangles to the front of the car for the headlights.

4. Draw the mouth with a horizontal line below the headlights. Add a small curved line below this to create the smile. Add the nitrogen tank on the top of the car with a diagonal cylinder above and to the left of the back wheel. Add a curved line across the upper left corner of the front rectangle. Add another curved line that starts at the top of the hood on the left side, dips between the headlights and continues back up again to the upper right side of the hood.

5. Erase your guidelines. Ink the entire illustration. Let the ink dry and carefully erase your pencil lines. Add a dimple to the right side of the mouth with a “)” shape. Add a small circle inside each wheel.

6. Color the hood, upper font window, tires, under the mouth and side of the spoilers dark gray. Color the rest of the car purple. Leave the inside of the mouth white for teeth. Color the irises of the eyes blue.