Dress As A Woman When You Are Over 30

Dress as a Woman When you are over 30

As the years pass by time and gravity all begin to take their toll on the female body, and your body begins to show its age. Add to this the fact that many fashion designers and trends target the slim twenty-something rather than the maturing body, and it is clear why being stylish and trendy can be challenging for the 30-plus woman. You can, however, be fashionable without wearing all those body-conscious clothes. Here’s how:


1. Create a timeless, classic wardrobe that will not only stay in fashion year after year, but also look good on you. Classic styles are so-called because they remain in style year after year. This in turn is because they look good on so many people. Simple straight dresses, A-line skirts, and flat front pants – all tend to flatter a variety of shapes. What’s more, because they stay in fashion year after year, they give you a bigger bang for your style buck than trendy clothes which are seasonal.

2. Keep it clean and simple. Clean lines will give you a clean silhouette, making your body seem younger because it skims rather than calls attention to trouble spots. Elaborate cuts, seams, and detail usually call for a beautiful body, so if you haven’t got it, steer clear of those styles.

3. Cover and camouflage trouble-spots. If you have flabby upper arms, an ample bottom, and plump thighs, its time to cover them up a bit instead of displaying them with the world. This doesn’t mean draping yourself in a tent for the rest of your life. Its about wearing short sleeves instead of going sleeveless, Capri pants instead of shorts, and modest neck-lines instead of plunging ones.

4. Develop your own individual style. Don’t copy every trendy look you see in fashion magazines, but rather look at the various fashion elements to determine what will and won’t work for you. Just remember to choose clean lines and classic styles and cover appropriately.

5. Choose skirts with an A-line cut, because the flare will make your waist appear smaller and hide your thighs. If you want to wear pleats, they should start below the hips, to flatten your tummy and allow freedom of movement,

6. Select skirts with hems that fall below your knees. Team them with color coordinated hosiery and shoes. If you wear boots, make sure you hem covers the tops. Choose shirt waist dresses or coatdresses that have vertical seams form neckline to hemline.

7. Wear pants with a narrow-cut leg that skims your thighs and bottom, making you appear taller. Top these off with a stripped shirt. Vertical stripes lengthens and slenderize you body by creating an optical illusion, making a short torso appear longer.