Dvrs That Can Capture From A Camcorder

Make DVDs of your home videos with a DVR.

Transferring the video you’ve recorded with your camcorder onto DVD so that you can play it back to friends and family is very easy, provided you have a DVD recorder that has the right inputs for your camcorder. Your camcorder will usually use either a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or Digital Video (DV) connection, or both. As technology improves, brands now offer high quality DVD recording and high definition images for the consumer market. Before deciding which model to buy, read product reviews from other consumers online to see which one is right for you. DVRs that have won awards or have been the subject of positive reviews in specialist magazines are also worth considering.

Samsung DVD-R120

The Samsung DVD-R120 is a video player, DVD player and recorder rolled into one. It has DV and jack inputs for connection to a camcorder. Video can be captured from the camcorder and recorded onto DVD by loading a blank DVD into the machine, pressing “Record” and pressing the “Input” button until DV is selected. Press “Play” on the camcorder and “Record” on the Samsung and the recording will begin. Sequences can be named and deleted as required. There is no hard disk with this model therefore footage must be recorded straight onto DVD, as opposed to stored in the memory. Samsung has a reputation for reliability and is geared towards the consumer market.

Sony RDR-HXD890

This Sony DVD recorder has a hard disk recorder, making it easy to capture video, edit and delete without burning DVDs. It has a memory of 160 Gigabytes (GB), which is the equivalent of 455 hours of video or 50,000 songs. There are two standard SCART video sockets as well as two USB inputs so that the DVR can be connected to your camcorder and computer. Once connected, select your recording mode from the menu and then press “Record.” This model comes with a remote control.

Panasonic DMR-XS350

This high definition Panasonic DVR has USB slots and a DV input to connect to a camcorder as well as an SD card slot. This device has 250 GB of memory. To capture footage, connect the camera to he DVR and select either “DVD” or “HDD,” then press “Start”. Its ease of use and high quality HD images have resulted in this model winning various awards since its release, including the Which? DVD Recorder Best Buy Award in November 2009.


LG’s affordable range of consumer electronics includes this DVD recorder which can capture moving images from a camcorder, and playback in HD, using Div X. Recording footage is as simple as loading the recorder with a blank DVD and pressing “Record” on the remote control or the DVD recorder itself. Connection is via a USB port and the DVR can be connected to a television for playback thanks to the SCART socket. the memory of this machine is 160 GB. This DVR can also be used to play standard CD media.