Easiest Way To Tow A Motorcycle

Towing your motorcycle can be convenient for maintenance and travel.

Owning a motorcycle can be fun but when going on longer trips with more than two people, it is more efficient to tow your motorcycle. Towing your motorcycle can also be necessary if your motorcycle breaks down. The easiest way to tow your motorcycle is to purchase a motorcycle trailer and attach your motorcycle to the trailer. Attaching your motorcycle to the trailer can be done easily by following a few simple steps.


1. Attach the motorcycle trailer to the trailer hitch on the back of your vehicle by inserting the ball on the hitch into the cup of the trailer attachment. Secure into place with lock pins.

2. Put motorcycle into neutral and roll into place on the trailer. There is a slot on the trailer where the front tire of your motorcycle will roll into.

3. Use the ratchet straps to secure the motorcycle into an upright position.

4. Put the motorcycle into gear and use a strap to secure the clutch in place so the motorcycle won’t slip out of gear while being transported.

5. Drive a short distance to make sure the motorcycle is secure and tighten any straps that come lose during the short trip.