Edit Xmp Sidecar Files

Sidecar files are created by a large number of programs.

XMP is a sidecar file format. A sidecar file format is created by many programs as exact copies of files created by the software. For example, if you create an image file in a photo cataloging software, the program creates a “sidecar file” with all the same data, but saves it as an .xmp file format. This is then used in case the original document is deleted. If you are looking to edit an .xmp sidecar file, you need to open it in the original software title used to create it.


1. Open the program used to create the .xmp file. It does not state this information in the properties of the document, so if you are not sure, run through a method of trial and error, using the different file creation programs installed on the computer to see what opens the created .xmp file.

2. Select “File” and “Open” and wait for the open window to load onto the screen.

3. Choose the .xmp file. Momentarily, the original document loads into view on the screen. If the program is not the one originally used to create the document, you receive an error message stating that the program does not understand the file.

4. Perform any alteration to the open file. This may include adding text or changing the color of the image.

5. Select “File” and “Save” and title the file. When you click “OK,” you save two different files. The first is the default document of the program and the .xmp sidecar file format.