Effectiveness Of Helmet & Face Shield For Waterjetting Protection

Helmets and face shields are used in industrial applications where water jetting is used at high pressure. Helmets and face shields are used to protect workers from injuries caused by water that can be contaminated with substances including paint, grease and gasoline.


Testing of commercially available helmets and face shields offers protection from injury and helmet penetration when the water source is a suitable distance from the helmet. At about 12.5 inches, commercially available helmets were not penetrated by high pressures of water when exposed to a water jet for 30 seconds.


Helmets were less likely to be penetrated by a jet of high pressure water directed at the front of the helmet compared to a jet directed at the side of the helmet. A high pressure jet of water aimed at an angle allowed a helmet to provide more protection than a jet of water directed perpendicular to the helmet.


Testing of personal protective equipment, including helmets and face shields, is completed by cutting helmets in half and directing high pressures of water at the helmet for up to 30 seconds or until the helmet is penetrated. Face shields are simulated during testing by acrylic resin plates.