Electric Motorcycle Conversion Checklist

People are converting old motorcycles to electric motorcycles.

Ensuing debates about global warming and rising gas costs have led many consumers toward alternative ways of fueling their vehicles. Electronic cars are slowly approaching the horizon, and electric motorcycles are currently being sold. People are also retrofitting their fuel motorcycles into electric motorcycles at minimal cost. Many supplies can be found at your local hardware store, online stores and eBay. The process usually takes a weekend for those who dedicate the time.

Essential Parts

Electric motor

The motor in a standard motorcycle is made to perform with gas and oil, whereas your electric motor will run strictly off a charge and electricity. The costs for electric motors vary. For example, the Perm PMG-132 electric motor can be found online for approximately $1000.

Approximately 4 lithium ion batteries

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular in the electronic realm because it takes many years before they need to be replaced. Consider 12-volt batteries. Visit your local hardware store for lithium batteries.

Secondary Essential Supplies

PWM controller

PWM (pulse-width modulation) controllers provide an efficient way of sending certain amounts of electrical power to the motorcycle when it is neither fully on nor fully off. This will keep the motorcycle from being unnecessarily overheated and prevent a misuse of energy. You can find PWM controllers online at costs as low as $20.

5K Potentionmeter

This product will convert the throttle that came with your fuel motorcycle into an electric version. It may be challenging to find. Use resources like eBay.com and online conversion supply stores (see Resources).

Basic Supplies

48V AC charger

Your electric motorcycle will charge by plugging it into a regular outlet. The 40V AC charger is more than enough to charge a motorcycle. You can find the AC charger at a local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

48-12-volt down converters

The down converter will distribute additional electricity for the lights and the horn to function properly. You can find this product at your local hardware store.

Number 4 welding cable and lugs

Your welding cable and lugs are used to connect some of the main components to the chassis of your electric motorcycle.

Custom sprockets

Customs sprockets may be necessary depending on the specific type of motorcycle you purchase to convert. Search online for custom sprocket manufacturing (see Resources). Sprockets should be found under “gears” when performing a search.