Eliminate Tree Fungus

There are many types of fungi that can be found on trees. Fungi they are primarily found near the base of the tree. The most common fungus is the root crown fungus, which survives around the bottom of the tree by consistently being moist. The fungus on your tree could spread disease and attract unwanted pests and animals. However, a fungus will die when it is exposed to air, which is why you want to control the soil and base of your tree so that it’s not consistently moist. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cut off or pluck out the fungus with your hands. Make sure to wear rubber gloves. Also, use a small shovel, if necessary, to remove the entire fungus by scrapping it off of the surface of your tree.

2. Remove any plants that help to trap moisture around your tree. For example, use gardening shears to cut off and remove any ivy or moss stuck to your tree.

3. Remove any leaves or plants on your tree’s branches that are creating a constant dripping of water to the trunk of your tree. Use gardening shears and a ladder if necessary to carefully cut off these plants.

4. Spread a 1/4-inch layer of mulch around the trunk of your tree to prevent the ivy or other plants from returning. Also, be sure to remove any dirt around the root crown that could hold moisture to expose air to any returning fungus.

5. Reduce the amount of water that you give your tree while trying to eliminate the fungus. Never pour or spray water directly on the root crown or on the fungus. Make sure to also keep any sprinklers from spraying your tree.