Engine Specifications For A 1991 Columbia Parcar

Golf carts are one example of a ParCar product Columbia produces.

Columbia ParCars are small, electric- or gas-powered vehicles, mostly made for commercial use. The cars are small enough to carry at least two passengers and the ParCars have cargo space for storage and tools. Engine issues with a ParCar may come from old age, especially if you have a 1991 Columbia ParCar. It is best to always know the engine specifications for your ParCar in case it needs a tune-up.


Since the 1991 Columbia ParCar and other mini-vehicles, like golf carts, have generally small engines, a simple battery is needed for the vehicles. For example, ParCars generally had 6-six volt batteries located in the engine, powering the engine with a mere 36 volts.

Gasoline Engine

The 1991 Columbia ParCar follows the general design of a golf-cart style motor vehicle. Because of this, the 1991 gas-powered Columbia had a two-cylinder engine.


The US Department of Energy published a study on the energy efficiency on ParCar and golf cart engines. The oldest model listed in the report is the 2002. The wattage per hour listed in this report stated that the ParCar two-passenger vehicle worked at 145 watts per mile, well below the highest efficiency according to the report.

Drive Belt

One interesting fact about the 1991 Columbia ProCar is that it had the last 1-3/16 inch by 35-1/4 inch drive belt for the Columbia line. Columbia only had the 1-3/16 inch by 35-1/4 inch drive belt for ParCars from 1982 until 1991. If the drive belt is ever damaged, you will need to find a 1-3/16 inch by 35-1/4 inch belt to put into your engine.