Extravagant Decoration Ideas For A Teen Room

A curtained bed gives teens a quiet place to escape.

As young girls enter their teenage years, they often begin longing for a space that reflects their distinct personality. A touch of opulence and extravagant decorations can give outgoing girls a way to let their personality shine through in the room they call their own. The options for this type of decor are as diverse as teenagers themselves. Does this Spark an idea?

Antique Appeal

An array of ornate antique pieces can give the decor a sense of opulence and luxury from eras gone by. Channel the aristocracy of the past with an elaborate four-poster bed complete with heavy curtains. Repurpose an antique wardrobe as a cleverly concealed entertainment center by filling the space with shelving for a television and DVDs instead of clothing. Mount an assortment of decorative antique doorknobs or dresser pulls on the wall for hanging jewelry and scarves. Reproductions of paintings or portraits from the era will complete the look. For a more personal touch, have an assortment of favorite photographs altered to appear as a sketch or painting using a photo editing program.

Show Stopping Decor

Teenagers who love the stage and screen can decorate an extravagant bedroom to resemble a movie star’s dressing room. Set up an elaborate vanity with a richly upholstered chair or bench as the focal point of the room. Mount an assortment of mirrors to the wall behind the vanity surrounded by wall-mounted lights. Place a large mirror in the center surrounded by smaller ones in varying shapes and sizes. Tuck ticket stubs into the corners of frames and pen inspirational quotes on one or two in lipstick. Keep framed movie posters on the walls reflecting the inhabitant’s inspirations, whether modern day hits or classic Audrey Hepburn films.

Luxurious Escapes

With cool colors and island inspired pieces, your teen’s bedroom can become an exotic escape reminiscent of a luxurious seaside spa. Use clean white sheets and towels for a hotel-quality look. Keep the walls, bed coverings and other pieces in cool shades of blue, green and beige accented with turquoise. A mural or large poster of a seaside view combined with a CD of ocean sounds creates a truly relaxing escape. Equip a comfortable chair or chaise with a back or neck massaging cushion and a foot massager or foot spa on the floor. Keep a stocked shelf of pampering beauty supplies like face masks, body scrubs, lotions and a manicure kit nearby. A sleep mask and soothing aromatherapy oils beside the bed complete your tropical spa escape.

Fit for Royalty

The classic princess decorating scheme used for little girls can be updated for the older set. For teens, center this extravagant decorating scheme around actual historical royalty instead of imaginary storybook princesses. A plethora of richly colored and ornately patterned pieces are typical of royal dwellings, such as Buckingham palace or the palace of Versailles. Paint a series of large rectangles along the walls to imitate the elegant paneling typical of this type of royal dwelling. Install elaborate crown molding if possible. Hang reproductions of portraits of actual queens, such as Marie Antoinette, Mary Queen of Scots or Queen Elizabeth. For additional authenticity, keep antique books or historical memoirs on kings and queens of the past on display.