Ez Go Golf Cart Information

EZ GO golf carts make playing a round of golf much less strenuous. They contain space to carry golf clubs, and they make golf rounds much quicker by eliminating the need to walk through the entire course.


EZ GO offers golf carts not only for golfers, but for different golf course employee operations as well. Carts for turf maintenance, food and beverage, and hospitality are all available for golf course staff.


Golfers can purchase EZ GO carts in electric or gas powered versions. Electric carts are better for the environment while gas powered carts are capable of more speed and power.


Gas powered EZ GO golf carts feature 13 horsepower engines made by Kawasaki, while electric carts sport a regenerative braking system and AC drive.


All EZ GO golf carts can be customized to the golfer’s specifications. Colors and accessories are all variable based on the golfer’s desire.


Aside from golfing, EZ GO carts can also be used to travel short distances. Using a golf cart rather than a car will save money in gas and have less of a negative environmental impact.