Face Shield Information

Depending on how you want to use a face shield, whether it be for a sport or a protective device at work, there are multiple types that either cover the entire face, the bottom half of the face or even the whole head. Some don’t have any features at all other than a clear, plastic covering, while others contain features that protect your head to the max.

Clear Face Shields

A clear face shield used in sporting events is a durable form of clear plastic that is lightweight, has anti-scratch coating and affords the athlete peripheral vision. It is used in sports including airsoft, hockey, kayaking and even basketball (for players who are attempting to protect previously broken facial bones) along with other sports and outdoor events.

Other Face Shields

Face shields that are not used in sporting events are generally used in the work force. They are safety devices that are primarily designed to protect the face from debris or hazardous chemicals. People who have a career in metalworking or other areas of work that consist of welding, grinding and cutting machinery wear face shields.


The face shield will usually cover the entire face and is strapped on with an adjustable band that fits around the head. Full face shields will cover the whole face while mid-face shields will only cover the eyes and nose. Both face shields offer peripheral vision to the worker and completely wrap around the face toward the back of the head. Some face shields are tinted or are metal-coated to protect the face from heat. In addition to the face shield, some sort of face guard is usually worn with it along with safety glasses or goggles.

Face Shields with Head Protection

Face shields that offer total head protection take the technology a little further. They combine the plastic face shield with a hard hat. A face shield melded together with a hard hat is most commonly used in construction zones or industrial sites where moving or falling objects present a danger to workers.

Other Uses

Police officers who face riot situations also use face shields with hard hats. Their types are made with thermoplastic resin (or polycarbonate material) and give the officers protection from bullets and other forms of projectiles. They are called ballistic face shields and are graded with a series of protection levels depending on the type of material used in construction.