Finance A Rim & Tire Package

With good credit history and a steady monthly income, you can finance a rim and tire package.

One way to customize your automobile is to install new tires and rims. Because rims are sized for particular wheels, many retailers sell tires and rims as packages, which range in style and price. If you are not able to pay for the entire package, you may want to consider financing. Depending on your monthly budget and credit history, you may be able to finance one of these packages from a participating retailer.


1. Organize your current bills and loans, including your normal expenditures, such as food and savings, so that you know how much money you can afford to finance. Only consider financing if you make more money than you spend each month.

2. Search various retailers that sell tire and rims and offer packages on the two. You can locate stores in your area by searching in the local phone book for tire centers and automotive retailers. You can also find retailers online, some of which may offer rim and tire financing.

3. Speak to a store associate about financing options. Not all stores offer financing, so before you decide on a package, make sure that the store offers financing in order to purchase the package.

4. Fill out a loan application at the store. You will need your identification, financial information, and social security number so the store can run a credit history check on you. If you have poor or delinquent credit, you may not be able to finance a rim and tire package from the store. There is no set credit score to be able to finance, however, so the retailer will ultimately make the decision.

5. Read the loan terms carefully and know your rights. The store must give you a clear and legible copy of what will be expected of you. This document must contain the financing terms, such as the total amount financed, the monthly payment and the interest. It must also clearly disclose any additional costs or fees associated with the loan. If you do not think that you will be able to meet the terms of the loan or faithfully repay the loan, you should not sign the agreement. A failure to meet the terms of the financing could cause you to establish negative credit, which could prevent you from financing items in the future.

6. Sign the loan agreement and make all required monthly payments until your loan has been repaid.