Find A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

You never know where you might find a Harley Davidson.

Started out of a wooden shed in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley-Davidson’s heritage and loyalty have stood the test of time. From the vintage Harley-Davidson’s first built to the bikes used by the U.S. military during World War II, men and women seek the perfect Harley-Davidson to both ride and collect for posterity. No matter the reason for wanting to find a Harley-Davidson, help can be found in many places during the search.


1. Visit the official Harley-Davidson website to find Harley-Davidson dealers by using the “Dealer Locator” option. Before visiting a dealer you can use the “Build Your Harley” option on the Harley-Davidson Website to build a virtual Harley-Davidson by selecting which model, color and accessories you like. After the completion of building a virtual Harley-Davidson, you can email the bike you created to a local dealer and place an order with that dealer for the bike you created. Both the “Dealer Locator” and “Build Your Harley” tabs are situated at the top of the Harley-Davidson Home page.

2. Contact the Harley Owners Group to utilize its available help in finding a particular year or model of Harley-Davidson. Whether a vintage, custom or new Harley-Davidson the Harley Owners Group can help in finding a Harley-Davidson.

National H.O.G. Office

P.O. Box 453

Milwaukee, WI 53201


Fax: 414-343-4515

3. Visit used Harley-Davidson dealers both in-person or via their websites to view the available inventory of bikes or for help in finding a specific bike. Websites like Yakaz, Hogs 4 Sale and Wild Hog’s-Used Harley’s have a large assortment of rare, custom and newer Harley-Davidson’s for sale.

4. Contact local Harley-Davidson motorcycle clubs to ask for help in the search to find a Harley-Davidson. Members might have bikes for sale or might know of someone selling a particular bike. Motorcycle Clubs Index can be used to help find Harley-Davidson clubs.