Find Cheap Used College Textbooks For Sale

Instructors need supplements for textbooks which contributes to the increasing costs.

The cost of college textbooks has risen at twice the rate of inflation between 1986 and 2004 says the United States Government Accountability Office. Tuition and fees increased by 240 percent over the same time period. Students are incurring considerable amounts of student loan debt to meet these rising costs. Buying used college textbooks is a step toward reducing post-secondary costs. Knowing where to look for used college textbooks puts you on the path towards saving money.


1. Inquire at your college bookstore about used textbooks. Many colleges have a textbook buyback program. The bookstore normally consults with instructors to determine if the same edition of the textbook will be used in the next session of the course. If so, the textbook is included on the buyback list and students can sell their book back so that you can buy a cheaper used version.

2. Look at the advertisements on the bulletin boards at your college. Students who did not meet the textbook buyback program deadline may try to sell their used textbooks themselves. Negotiate with these students to see if you can get the textbooks even cheaper.

3. Search online for used college textbooks sellers. National websites exist where you can purchase used college textbooks. Some examples of such sites include;; and

4. Talk to students who are ahead of you in your program of study. Ask them if they are willing to sell or even rent you the used textbooks you need.