Find Free Movie Trailers To Watch

Free Movie Trailers to Watch

While nothing compares to seeing them on the big screen, you can find free movie trailers to watch on the Internet much more easily and for a far lower cost. More and more, studios are releasing them online for free viewing and download, many times in HD video, in order to further promote their products beyond the theatre. There are a number of places on the Internet to find free movie trailers to watch, though the ones listed below are primarily official distribution sites for the studios.


1. Find the official website for the film in question. Many studios will provide not only free movie trailers to watch on the official sites of their productions, but other promotional materials such as: wallpapers, TV commercials, information about the film and its characters, and more.

2. Visit Apple’s website to find a huge number of free movie trailers to watch. The ones available here are also available on the iTunes music store. The benefit of downloading them from Apple is that they are available not only in HD, but also in the proper format to be transferred to the iPod or another portable media player.

3. Go to Hulu to find streaming options for free movie trailers to watch. Here, you will also find full TV shows and older films to watch online for free. New TV shows are usually available from one day to one week from their original air date, and various older shows and films are available as licensing allows.

4. Check AOL’s Moviefone website to find not only free movie trailers to watch, but also local theatre listings and show times. Some theatres even allow for tickets to be purchased online in order to save time waiting in line.