Find Original Motorcycle Tires

Finding original tires for your motorcyle will help complete your bike.

Older or classic motorcycles came equipped with motorcycle tires that are now scarce or out of production. You will want to find original motorcycle tires if you are rebuilding or restoring an older bike. You may also just want to replace your current tires with the originals. Finding original motorcycle tires will add new life to your motorcycle.


1. Go to a website that provides listings of motorcycle parts and accessories for sale like Craigslist. Click on “Motorcycles” under the “For Sale” section. Type the pertinent information regarding your brand of motorcycle and its tires in the search field. Click “Search.”

2. Go to a website that sells original motorcycle tires. Go to the custom or classics section. Click on the appropriate brand of tire. Select the right model and size. Place an order.

3. Contact the nearest dealer of your motorcycle brand either by phone or in person. Speak with an employee about the tires you are interested in acquiring. He will inform you if the business still carries the tires. If he does not have the tires in stock or the company is no longer carrying them, he can appoint you to a third party who might assist you.

4. Visit a motorcycle salvage facility. Ask an employee to direct you to the tire section. Most salvage locations require you to search for the tires yourself. Look through the various brands of tires to see if you can locate the original motorcycle tires for your bike.