Find Out If I Passed My Cna Exam

Rewards of patient care outweigh any stressful elements within the CNA field.

Getting approval from testing proctors makes the process of becoming a certified nursing aide (CNA) worth the time an effort. This federally regulated field of work has stressful elements, but the rewards of caring for patients will outweigh them. Usually, students study for two distinct sections of the CNA examination process. First, nursing students need to pass the written exam. The second section of the CNA test, examines the proficiency of nursing-related skills of each student. Finding out the test results for the CNA exam is really easy to do.


1. Take the first written CNA test when instructed to do so by your examination proctor. Wait until the first testing period is over, and then the proctor will tell you if you passed the first section.

2. Take the second portion of the CNA examination test. Bring along your watch with the second hand. Wait for the proctor to tell you if you passed the second portion of the CNA examination process. Go to next step if your proctor does not tell you whether you passed the second portion of your test.

3. Look in your mailbox for your official CNA testing results two to three weeks after you have taken the written and skills test. Make copies of your results and put them in a secure location (optional).

4. Wait one more week to verify the official results that were mailed to you, using the certified nurses’ registry official site for your state. Use your Social Security number, current mailing address and current phone number to verify results through an official automated system or state website.

5. Show the officially mailed results to prospective employers or private-duty patients.