Find Points On A Golf Cart

A golf cart is a toy for many biking enthusiasts. The golf cart’s design gives you a choice of a gas or electric engine. Both styles have a clutch. The Harley golf cart has three wheels, while more popular models have four wheels. Both styles entertain not only adults, but children as well. On the golf course the entertainment fun factor of a golf cart is enjoyed by the novice and pro alike. Maintenance to the golf cart is the key to any good time. Knowing where the points, spark plugs and wires are on a golf cart, and giving them routine care, is the best way to keep the summer fun going.


1. Locate the engine at the back of the golf cart. The golf cart has three or four wheels depending on the model. Lift the seat if it is acting as a hood for the engine. Make sure the golf cart engine is off before trying to find the points. Even a small golf cart engine gets hot.

2. Touch the spark plug wire. It is a long black wire that travels across the engine. Move your hand along the spark plug wire until you find the plug.

3. Feel for a cover near the spark plugs. Take the cover off with an open-end wrench.

4. Turn the engine so the points rotate, making them visible.