Find The Serial Number Of A Wd Drive

Find the Serial Number of a WD Drive

Western Digital hard drives are identified by a specific number associated with the drive, known as the serial number. You may need to know the serial number if you are calling in for technical support or if you need to return the drive. Western Digital creates several different types of hard drives, both internal and external, but the serial numbers tend to be in the same locations. In the case of internal drives, Western Digital also includes software to provide the serial number for the drive.



1. Download Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics from the Western Digital website.

2. Double-click “”

3. Double-click “setup.exe.”

4. Click “Next” four times on the installation wizard, and click “Install.”

5. Click “Finish.”

6. Check the box that says “I accept the license agreement.”

7. Click “Next.” The Western Digital hard drive serial number is given on the main screen of the software.


8. Disconnect the external Western Digital hard drive from your computer

9. Turn the drive over, and look on the back or on the side.

10. Find the number next to “S/N.” This is the Western Digital hard drive serial number.