Find Vintage Motorcycle Apparel

Find Vintage Motorcycle Apparel

Vintage motorcycle apparel is fun to own and wear. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, having vintage apparel to wear on your rides, can make you look unique and stylish, plus it will aid you in striking up a conversation with other motorcyclists! So, how does one go about finding vintage motorcycle apparel? Follow this suggestions and you may be well on your way to having a closet full of vintage motorcycle apparel.


1. Look for yard sales. Believe it or not there is great vintage motorcycle apparel on occasion. To the person selling it, it may be just an old leather jacket or vest. To you it might be a great treasure.

2. Browse thrift stores and consignment shops. Many people hang on to their vintage apparel for years for sentimental reasons. Then in a frenzy of cleaning they decide to let it go.

3. Stop at flea markets, especially if you are out on an excursion on your motorcycle. The people running the flea market areas are usually quick to point out something you might like. If you look like a motorcyclist, they will assume you might be interested and tell or show you right where to find that neat old motorcycle jacket they’ve had for years.

4. Go to motorcycle swap meets. You can even get on a mailing list from most of them that will tell you when they are holding one. Talk to everyone that has a booth and tell them what you are looking for. Chances are, if they don’t have it, they’ll know someone who does and will gladly give you information.

5. Ask around to your family or friends. You might be surprised what an older uncle or grandparent has stashed in their closet. They would happily pass their beloved motorcycle apparel down to you, just to be able to see it get used again. This type of vintage apparel is great because it will also come with family history.

6. Browse online sites. Only do this as a last resort, because these vintage items will be quite expensive. Finding just what you want at flea markets, swap meets and other bargain places, is a lot more fun and will save you a bundle too.