Fix A Harley Davidson Oil Leak

A Harley Davidson

The name Harley Davidson is synonymous with motorcycles, a desert landscape, street cool and rebelliousness. Some famous riders include actors Brigitte Bardot, Peter Fonda and Elizabeth Taylor. It is also the motorcycle for the notorious gang, Hell’s Angels, which is most popularly linked to crime and drugs. Harley-Davidson may evoke a glamorous image but even this is not a perfect brand. Even the most expert rider will probably have to tend to an oil leak at some point in his lifetime.


1. Check from where the leak is occurring to locate the problem. Make sure to check for any holes in the fuel, oil, or hydraulic tanks. Check both the cases and the lines for leaks. The leak may not be directly from the tank but could be a mixture of oil, water and air, blackened to look like an oil leak. Checking the source of a possible leak should be a regular practice anyway to ensure you are not left without fuel in the middle of nowhere.

2. Wipe away excess oil. According to Harley Davidson Maintenance, the initial thoughts of a rider when he finds oil formation on the right side of the engine is that the oil leak is caused by a damaged push rod tube seal. In this case, the tube should be replaced. A replacement tube can be found by looking at Harley Davidson parts retailers.

3. Take your bike to a mechanic who specializes in Harley Davidson motorcycles. If the problem is recurring, your best bet is to take it to an expert mechanic. He or she may have to tear out the engine to look for the cause of the oil leak and this is best left to an expert. Affordable mechanics can be found on the Internet.