Fix A Harley Davidson Woman’S Stop Watch By Bulova 76l140

It is important to take care of luxury accessories such as watches. The 76L140 is a women’s watch in the Harley Davidson range by Bulova that comes with Swarovski crystals around the edge of the face. Bulova recommends that the watch only be repaired by a Bulova-approved dealer as special parts might be required. If you wish to repair your Bulova 76L140, you should locate your nearest Bulova repair facility and take it there to keep any warranty intact and ensure the watch is properly fixed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Navigate to the Bulova website (see Resources). Click on the “Service Center” link at the top of the page. Click on “Repairs.” Select the United States or, if in another region, “Other Regions,” followed by the country that you are in. Note down the address of the authorized service center.

2. Package the watch to be sent for repair. Include your contact details and a return address slip including ZIP code. Enclose a copy of the proof of purchase and the handling fee ($10 in the U.S. as of publication). If the watch is not under warranty, you will be sent an estimate before repairs commence. Pack the watch securely, but not in its display case, as this will not be returned.

3. Send the watch via insured mail to the address of the approved service center. Include a fully detailed explanation of what is wrong with the watch. The watch will be repaired and mailed back to you. Alternatively, you can take the watch to a Bulova dealer who will send the watch in for you.