Fix A Triumph Motorcycle Clutch Cable

Fixing a Triumph motorcycle clutch cable is not complicated.

Triumph motorcycle clutches operate with the aid of a clutch cable. The cable attaches between the hand lever on the handlebars and the operating rod on the outside of the primary cover. Squeezing the hand lever increases tension on the cable, which lifts the operating rod and disengages the clutch. Releasing the hand lever returns the operating rod and engages the clutch. Improper cable tension or a bad cable can cause gear change problems. Fixing a Triumph motorcycle clutch cable begins with troubleshooting to determine the problem.


1. Begin by adjusting the tension on the clutch cable. Observe the position of the operating rod without squeezing the hand lever. The rod should be at a downward angle. Squeeze the clutch hand lever until it is fully compressed and observe the angle of the operating rod. It should now be horizontal. If the rod is below horizontal, proceed to the next step.

2. Locate the handlebar clutch adjuster near the clutch hand lever. Turn the adjuster two rotations clockwise with an adjustable wrench. Repeat the first step and observe the angle of the operating rod with the hand lever fully compressed. If the rod is below horizontal by any amount the cable is bad and needs to be replaced.

3. Loosen the handlebar adjustment by turning it counterclockwise until the clutch cable is slack. Loosen the cable stop on the hand lever with a screwdriver and remove the upper end of the cable from the hand lever. Loosen the nut on the operating rod and detach the lower end of the clutch cable from the rod.

4. Remove the old cable and note the path of the cable from the operating rod to the hand lever. Depending on the year and model of the motorcycle, there may be a terminator bracket or cable stays attached to the frame and handlebars. Loosen these and remove the cable.

5. Install a new clutch cable by repeating the previous step in reverse. Adjust the cable using the adjustment procedure in step 2. Continue to adjust the cable tension until the operating rod is horizontal when the hand lever is compressed. Test ride the motorcycle and make any minor cable tension adjustments as needed for efficient gear changes.