Fix My Hd Tv

You can attempt to fix your HDTV.

If you want the best possible television viewing experience, you must buy a high-definition television. An HDTV will allow you to receive high-definition video signals from your satellite or cable provider. Usually, HDTV sets work perfectly well. However, sometimes an HDTV can begin to malfunction or deteriorate with time. You can try to personally fix your HDTV by utilizing some basic repair skills. If you cannot successfully troubleshoot your HDTV, you may have to spend some money on a professional HDTV repair.


1. Check all cables and cords connected to the HDTV. Make sure they are all securely connected to the HDTV and to the outlet, receiver providing the HD signals, DVD player, video game system or Blu-Ray player. If you are not getting power to the HDTV, make sure the electrical outlet or surge protector is working properly.

2. Push the “Input” or “Source” button on the remote control if your HDTV displays an error message stating “No Signal” or something similar. HDTVs have many input jacks for multiple devices to be hooked to it in multiple ways. The “Input” or “Source” button will rotate between all the signals. Keep pushing it until you find the correct signal.

3. Fix the issue of “mosquitoes” surrounding fast-moving objects. On occasion, fast-moving objects can become surrounded by objects resembling mosquitoes. The root of this error stems from the video signal itself. Contact your cable company to see if they can resolve their signal issues. If not, you may need to switch cable or satellite providers to enjoy a full high-definition viewing experience.

4. Fix unnatural appearing flesh tones or colors. If your HDTV displays an unrealistic looking image, you can generally fix the problem by tinkering with your settings. Often, changing your display option to “Movie” or “Natural” will resolve this issue. Otherwise, go to your video settings. Play with color, contrast, sharpness and other options until you find a solution for your HDTV.

5. Fix the problem of pixels. Some HDTVs can experience pixels before the screen reverts to normal functionality. Again, this may be the fault of your cable provider. Otherwise, you can purchase a signal amplifier to strengthen your signal reception. You can usually find a quality amplifier for around $75. This should resolve any pixel issues.