Fix My Pc When It Keeps Shutting Down

When your PC keeps shutting down, it is quite frustrating. Frequent shutdowns will cause you to lose work and productivity, so if your computer is suffering from this problem it is important to get it resolved as quickly as possible. A number of issues can cause system shutdowns, including overheating and a malfunctioning piece of hardware or software. Work through these possible causes one at a time until you find the source of the problem.


1. Note the time of your most recent shutdown, then log back on to your computer and click on the “Start” button. Choose “Control Panel” from the list, click on the “Administrative Tools” icon and choose “Event Viewer” from the menu.

2. Look at the system logs for an event that was logged at the time of your most recent unexpected shutdown. Take note of the piece of hardware or software listed there. If a piece of hardware is mentioned in the log, try temporarily removing it to see if that resolves the issue. If software is to blame, remove or reinstall it–a corrupt file could be causing the unexpected errors.

3. Shut down your computer and remove the power cord. Use a small screwdriver to remove the retaining screws on the back of the case, then remove the cover from the computer. Look for an accumulation of fuzz, dust or other debris inside the case, especially around the power supply and the fan.

4. Give the can of compressed air a couple of test sprays to remove any moisture. Blow the accumulated dirt out of the computer’s case. Spray the case thoroughly until all debris has been removed.