Fix Pixelated Photos

Fix your pixelated images and make them sharp once again.

If you have ever tried to resize a small photo to make it bigger, you have encountered the problem of a pixelated photo. Pixelation makes a photo appear “boxy” and makes the objects or people in the image look distorted. Depending on how severe the photo’s pixelation is, you may be able to fix this problem with a photo-editing program that has certain effects and features. Your photos will look as good as new.


1. Open the pixelated photo in a photo-editing program such as Paint.NET (which is free to download), Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, or resize the small picture to the larger size that you want (“Image” and then “Resize” in the top menu). Type in the new dimensions in the width and height text boxes and click “OK.” All three of these programs have the basic features you need for this project.

2. Go to the top menu and select “Effects,” “Blurs” and then “Unfocus” (Paint.NET) or click on the “Soften” tool in the toolbox (Paint Shop Pro). Adjust the intensity or the opacity of the blur by sliding the arrow along the scale. Click “OK” to blur the image or click on the photo with the soften tool to apply it.

3. Select “Effects,” “Photo” and then Sharpen” (Paint.NET) or “Sharpness” (Paint Shop Pro). Adjust the sharpening tool to the strength that you need to make the edges sharp and crisp once again. Save the non-pixelated picture to your computer.