Flhx Tire Sizes

Harley Davidson’s FLHX touring motorcycle has evolved over the years. Designers have taken many components into consideration for overall improvement, including the size of the tires. Depending on the model year, the tire size varies.


The FLHX model offers the motorcycle enthusiast a comfortable ride, but with the styling of a fast, racing cycle. Hardbags flank either side, behind the driver, allowing for extra storage on longer road trips.


In 2007, the tire size was the same for the front and rear at 16 inches. But, in 2009, the front tire was enlarged to a 17 inches. As of 2010, the front tire was upgraded again, this time to 18 inches, while still keeping the rear at 16 inches.


Though the tire size has increased for the front tire, the width of the tire remains thicker in the rear than in the front. The rear has remained at a thick 180/65 size, whereas the front stays thin with a 130/80 proportion.